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AP Calculus ab


Course Description: Taking Calculus can lead to a future in more than one hundred and twenty five career areas including Engineering, Economics, Business, Finance, Medicine, Forensics, Computers, Meteorology, Software Developing and Law. (AP) Calculus is a course comparable to Calculus courses in colleges and universities; therefore, students should expect to do college – level work at the highest level. There are three basic topics that are covered in the course: Functions, Derivatives, and Integrals. The course is taught with an emphasis on exploring Calculus through the interpretation of graphs and tables as well as analytical methods.  Students are expected to use a multi-representational approach to solve problems, make investigations and as often as possible work in groups so as to share ideas and develop mathematics communication.

Prerequisite: Students must take a full year of Calculus before qualifying for the Advanced Placement Calculus Program. Students must be successful on the Integrated Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 11 Regents exam in other to be programed for Calculus.  Students are recommended for the Advanced Calculus Program by their Calculus teacher. The evaluation criteria includes a high average in the course, strong work ethics, 95% attendance and a passion for the subject of mathematics.

Expected Coursework: AP Calculus is an extremely challenging and demanding course. The student who desires to enroll in this course must be willing to work extremely hard and make several sacrifices. This course requires students to attend mandatory tutorials twice weekly. Students are also expected to attend mandatory tutorials on Saturdays beginning in March and during school holidays.



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