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AP European History


Course Description: Mr. Murphy’s AP European History enters its 15th year this fall. The class covers an arc that begins with the onset of the Renaissance in Italy, and finishes up with the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the impact of Islamic Fundamentalism, post 9/11. Since AP European History deals with more than just “historical material” we also spend a significant amount of time on intellectual history: philosophy, art and literature. Core books that have become staples for this class include Utopia (Sir Thomas More), Candide (Voltaire), Frankenstein (Mary Shelly), and The Metamorphosis (Franz Kafka).

Prerequisites: Student report card must reflect an aggregate 85% average, with great attendance. Students must participate in a four-week selection process in April and May of 2014. Must have favorable recommendations from their History and English teachers. Students will take a diagnostic exam as well as generate a piece of historical writing. Final interviews will be required as necessary.

Expected Coursework: Critical writing and class participation are an important part of this class. Nightly homework will rely heavily on not just note taking by analytical writing. Tuesday and Thursday tutorials will be mandatory (September to January), and Saturday tutorials, from 9:00 – 11:00 will take the place of after school tutorials beginning in February. All students will take the AP exam in May of 2015.


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