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AP Statistics


Course Description:  Thinking of pursuing one of the following fields in college? [Economics/Business/Accounting, Finance/Investments, Marketing, Medicine/Biology, Pharmaceutical Research, Legal (Lawyer), Psychology, Sociology/Philosophy, Anthropology, Political Science, Sports Analyst, Opinion Pollster, Journalism/Reporting]  These are just some of the many careers that make regular use of statistics.   Statistics is the science of data; it is a way of reasoning, along with a collection of tools and methods, designed to help us understand the world.  Statistics helps us to humanize mathematics.  Many economic, social, political, and military decisions cannot be made without statistical techniques, such as the design of experiments to gain Federal approval of a newly manufactured drug (American Statistical Association).  The AP Statistics Course is a fun course filled with daily real-world applications.  The course is comprised of four main components: Data Analysis, Data Collection, Probability, Statistical Inference.

Prerequisites:  Average class grade in Algebra II/Trig course of ≥ 75 and math teacher recommendation.  Good social and academic standing; 95% attendance.   Acceptance contingent upon achieving passing score on Algebra II/Trig regents exam.  Only dedicated scholars should apply. Applicants will be required to submit a resume and writing sample as well as complete an interview process.

Expected Coursework:  This course requires students to complete nightly readings in a college-level textbook, nightly homework assignments, and frequent online quizzes and blog postings in additional to at least one project per marking period.  This course has mandatory after school supplemental classes on Thursdays after school and mandatory Saturday supplemental test prep sessions from February through the AP exam date.  Additional mandatory test prep sessions may be scheduled during school breaks at the teacher’s discretion.





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