Man's greatness consists in his ability to do and the proper application of his powers to things needed to be done....
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About FDA Travel

The mission of the Frederick Douglass Academy is to prepare students to go to and excel in the college of their choice, but a branch off that main mission is to offer our students the opportunity to gain a global perspective. To that end, FDA annually offers several trips domestically, continentally, and internationally. By offering these trips, FDA hopes to engender within our students a connection to what is learned in the classroom to the world at large and the ability to experience other cultures.

Even though most trips are connected to a particular class and teacher, and preference is given to students who are already immersed in the coursework connected with the travel, there are several travel opportunities that do not require a student to be enrolled in a particular class to attend.

FDA has traveled to every continent, save Antarctica. Students studying Latin have had the opportunity to travel to Italy and Turkey to see the influence of the Roman Empire. French students have traveled to Montreal, our French speaking neighbors to the north. Spanish students have traveled to Spain and Mexico. Students studying Japanese have traveled to Japan. Students in the Samba Band have traveled to Brazil, the birthplace of samba music. FDA has also traveled to ancient civilizations like China, Egypt, and Peru.

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The Frederick Douglass Academy offers a college preparatory education for grades 6-12 and is known for its rigorous academic program with a proven track record of success by encouraging students to challenge themselves, take pride in their hard work, and commitments.

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