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12 Non-Negotiables


Guiding Principles

Respect Yourself: Take actions that will help you achieve a successful and healthful future.
Respect Your Fellow Students: Treat your fellow students with courtesy, justice and truthfulness.
Respect Property: Take care of your belongings and take care of those items that we share.

The FDA Twelve Non-Negotiable Rules and Regulations

Each student must respect the following rules:

    1. Attend school daily and come on time. There is late detention.
    2. Leave all outer clothing (i.e. jacket, coat or hooded garment) in your classroom closet/assigned locker.
    3. Move quickly from class to class: enter classrooms quietly: take your assigned seat: and begin work immediately. No bathroom/hall passes are given during the first 15 minutes or the last ten minutes of the period.
    4. Be prepared to work everyday. Bring a large loose-leaf notebook, assignment notebook, pens, pencils, rulers, protractors, and whatever other equipment is required for your classes.
    5. Do homework nightly. There is homework detention and homework help after school and on weekends.
    6. Eat only in the cafeteria. Gum chewing and candy are prohibited even in the cafeteria.
    7. Do not bring cellular phones, cards, music/video devices, video/sound recording devices, games, beepers, laser pens, other electronic devices and/or items not related to academic instruction. These items will be confiscated.
    8. Keep your desk area clean.
    9. Do not engage in physical or verbal violence. Learn to disagree without being disagreeable. Mediation is available for disagreements. Do not fight.
    10. Respect FDA.Do not write graffiti or otherwise deface any part of the building, books or other school equipment and property.
    11. Show your student program card and/or FDA Photo ID card to any adult in the building who requests it.
    12. Wear The FDA Dress for Success uniform daily, except on FDA sanctioned special events days.


Non-Compliance with The Twelve Non-Negotiable Rules and Regulations

      Students who do not comply with the above may be subjected to the following actions:
      • Attend a teacher conference.
      • Attend a counselor and/or dean conference.
      • Attend a parent/guardian conference.
      • Serve detention/student removal*.
      • Be removed from all extra-curricular activities (i.e. after school & Saturday program, dances, trips, activities, athletics , prom, marching at graduation and/or all other FDA sponsored programs and events.)
      • Receive a Principal’s Suspension. Student serves suspension at school**.
      • Receive a Superintendent’s Suspension. Student serves suspension at another location**.
      • Be given an involuntary transfer to another school.
      *Please note that detention is served during school for student removals, after school or on Saturday. Saturday detention involves students performing community service to the FDA school community.
      **Students are placed on the ineligible list for all extra-curricular activities.



I have received and read a copy of The FDA Twelve Non-Negotiables. Therefore, I declare that I am in agreement with and will abide by all the rules and regulations of The Frederick Douglass Academy (FDA) and the New York City Department of Education.

ALSO, I REALIZE THAT I MUST ATTEND PARENT MEETINGS and take an active part in my child’s education in order for my child to be successful at FDA. In order to insure my child’s success, I agree to the following:

      • Post The Twelve Non-Negotiables, Student Creed and School Calendar in the home.
      • All school forms (i.e. emergency contact card, medical and dental) must be on file.
      • Contact school to update school records with phone number and/or address changes.
      • Monitor my child’s completion of the Summer Reading and Writing assignments.
      • Check daily to make sure my child is wearing The FDA Dress for Success uniform.
      • Make sure my child arrives on time to school everyday.
      • Provide my child with the necessary educational supplies.
      • Provide my child with a quiet study place.
      • Reduce the number of hours my child watches television and uses the computer recreationally. (Remove TV, computer and/or other electronic devices from child’s room.)
      • Make sure my child does not post personal information or photos on websites such as myspace, facebook, sconex or other Internet websites.
      • Help my child create and follow a reading, writing and study schedule for all subjects.
      • Check my child’s homework nightly and check notebooks.
      • Pick up my child’s report card on the date of distribution.
      • Volunteer once a year for class trips, college trips and other school events.
      • Monitor my child’s completion of Mastery Learning assignments.
      • Once a week check the FDA Website ( for school announcements.
      • Attend PTA Meetings, Case Conference Meetings and Parent-Teacher Conferences.
      • Make sure my child returns FDA books at the end of each semester in compliance with The FDA Book Return Policy which is attached.
      Finally, I have chosen to send my child to FDA because it is a college preparatory school. I will support the efforts of the school by making sure my child consistently attends the regular school program and attends enrichment programs during the school year and summer. I will file the necessary college forms in a timely fashion, paying application fees and applying for waivers, and check over my child’s applications. Failure to comply with the above may lead to my child’s dismissal from FDA and transfer to another school.

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