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Internet Usage Policy

The Frederick Douglass Academy (FDA) offers its students, faculty, and administration access to a network of computer resources connecting local computer labs, offices, and classrooms. Computers on FDA’s local area network also have direct access to millions of computers around the world via the Internet. The Internet is an electronic communications network which encompasses vast, diverse, and unique resources.

In providing Internet service throughout FDA, the goal is to facilitate access to resources, encourage innovation, and improve communication. FDA regards this access as a privilege, not a right. Users must agree to abide by the school’s standards of online behavior, language, content, and security. Account holders are expected to act in a responsible, ethical manner, and to abide by local, state, and federal law.

Some of the materials available on the Internet may not be considered to be of educational value or may be offensive. Where possible, FDA takes precautions to restrict access to objectionable material but it is not possible to have full control over access to resources and materials on the Internet. Nevertheless, FDA firmly believes that the development of skills for online research, including Internet access, is an essential component of the educational process. Moreover, the benefits of information and worldwide interactive communication far outweigh the possibility of exposure to material that is not consistent with the school’s educational goals.

FDA’s standards for school use of materials on the Internet follow NYC Board of Education standards. Students using computers at school are expected to respect these standards and avoid accessing materials that is known to be unrelated to their schoolwork. FDA encourages parents and students to discuss the parameters of appropriate use at home and in school and to treat material on the Internet as they would other media.

FDA is indebted in the development of this document to many sources. This document was adapted from the Acceptable Use Policies of the following schools: The Collegiate School; St. John’s County Schools;The Spence School.

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