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Principal’s Message: Ayisha Fullerton

Dear Frederick Douglass Academy Family,

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! It is with great pride, honor, and humility that I write this letter of introduction to you as the new Principal of Frederick Douglass Academy I! My passion for educating young people and supporting families in the community has been a primary focus and priority of my career as a Physics teacher, Assistant Principal, and most recently, Director of School Renewal in the NYC Department of Education. I am committed to using the foundation that has been set, carrying on the great legacy of the phenomenal Principals of FDA that have blazed the path of excellence to lead our school to new heights and ensuring the highest quality of education for all students we serve.

As an educator, I strongly believe that a student’s academic success and social and emotional awareness relies on the cohesion of students, families, and community. A pillar of my leadership approach is to build a strong supportive community for students through collaborative work in which all stakeholders are aligned to support our students. I will confer regularly with students, families, teachers, and community members to foster cooperative partnerships to support the mission and values that our school was founded upon.

It is my passion and undying commitment to provide the absolute best learning experience for each and every student at FDA. My instructional vision is to ensure that students are engaged in challenging work which is culturally responsive and accessible for all students enabling them to be and feel career and college ready.  Attaining this vision is best achieved through an adaptive school culture which promotes collaborative data driven processes and shared decision making at the teacher and community level. Another essential part of achieving this vision is to understand and respect the interconnectedness of all members of the FDA community. A popular African philosophy states: “I am because we are and, since we are, therefore I am”, which speaks to how each member of a community understands the responsibility to oneself and others and the importance of working collectively to reach a common goal.

I am proud to join the FDA family because of its unwavering history, which has been rooted in sacrifice, hard work, and dedication of leaders and educators both past and present who have contributed to this school community. I am looking forward to the relationships that I will build and cultivate so that we can together make this beloved “Jewel of Harlem” achieve all that we can become.

For the Children,


Ayisha L. Fullerton

Principal, IA

Frederick Douglass Academy I

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The Frederick Douglass Academy offers a college preparatory education for grades 6-12 and is known for its rigorous academic program with a proven track record of success by encouraging students to challenge themselves, take pride in their hard work, and commitments.

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